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🚒 🚑 Please thank our First Responder Volunteers!
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Fire Chief and Fire Police Office:

George Meredith, Fire Chief

Vacant, Deputy Fire Chief


The Beverly City Fire Department has two stations serving the City of Beverly & Township of Edgewater Park, NJ as well as providing mutual aid to neighboring communities.

Station 121: Station 122:
Beverly Fire Co. No. 1 Hope Hose Fire Co. No. 2
440 Laurel Street 408 Broad Street
Beverly, NJ 08010 Beverly, NJ 08010
(609) 387-1478 (609) 387-4878


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If you are a Volunteer Member of the Beverly Fire Police, Beverly Fire Company No. 1, Hope Hose Fire Company No. 2 and you are injured as a result of a Volunteer work related activity or have a medical emergency, you should seek treatment with the closest emergency medical or urgent care facility as soon as possible.  Once an emergency no longer exists, you must immediately report the incident to your supervisor. The City of Beverly Board of Fire Commissioners Fire District No. 1 provides Insurance coverage to members of the aforementioned organizations through the First Responder Joint Insurance Fund (JIF). A list of preferred Urgent Care network providers in our area is below.

Please provide the the following information to your supervisor:

  • Your name, address, and social security number
  • Date, time, and description of injury

A supervisor must complete the “Supervisor’s Incident Investigation Report Form” below.  All incidents must be immediately reported to the Fire District Administrator/Clerk, who will provide you and your supervisor with appropriate instructions for filing an insurance claim.

Please refer to the following:


FIRST JIF Burlington County Urgent Care Providers



Beverly Fire Police


List of Fire Police:

Wylie Johnson   Sue Meredith
Walter Pozniewski    






List of Apparatus:

Fire Police 1229 - 2004 Ford 4WD, Traffic Control

Beverly Fire Co. No. 1


Phillip Adams Nick Davis Zac Greiner Ray Roadarmel
Lenny Babula Alfred Desjardins Thomas Griffith Michael Scheuerer
Stanley Boltz Rich Dixon Cornell Hawkins Michael Stewart
Paul Bush Daryl Friddell Michael Hibbard David Tedeschi
Kristle Bush Brock Friddell Wylie Johnson Jr Bonnie Varsaci
Sean Cuoghi Miranda Furtado Sue Milliner Francis Varsaci
John Davis Stacey Furtado Giovanni Perricone Michael Walton

List of Apparatus

Hope Hose Fire Co. No. 2


Walter Pozniewski, Trustee (Chairman) Kevin Mickle, Trustee Shane Anstice, Trustee Sean Ridgway, Trustee George Meredith, Trustee
Capt. Sean Richards Lt. Steven Meyers Lty. Jeff Joy Eng. Robert Hubler, Jr.  
Kevin Richards Brent Tomer William Tomer Stephen Campolongo Mark Borden
Amanda Hubler Nick Hubler John Jenkins, Jr Brian Larocque Shawn Mickle
Lance Stillings Bruce Dowdy Kevin Kirchner Thomas Lowden Halli Anstice
Danny Steere Cindy Borden Robert Dorrell Brandon Dunn Tariq Dorsey
A.J. Posi        







List of Apparatus:

Engine 1221 - 1950 Mack, 750gpm, 500gal

Engine 1222 - 2010 Pierce, 1750gpm, 750gal, 5 inch hose, Pro-Pak foam

Engine 1224 - 2004 Pierce, 1250gpm, 750gal, 5 inch hose, Pro-Pak foam

Mini-Pumper 1227 - 2014 Ford F550 4WD, 375gpm, 300gal, 10gal Class A foam, 900ft - 2.5" supply, 400ft - 1.75" handlines, portable HURST Combi-tool, 10,000lbs winch (removable)