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πŸš’ πŸš‘ STORM BUILDING FLOODING – The Fire Dept. does not pump out basements, property owners should contactΒ  a private contractor. πŸš’ πŸš‘
πŸš’ Mon. Aug. 16 @7:00pm meeting at City Hall πŸš’
πŸš’ πŸš‘ Please pull over for First Responders πŸš’ πŸš‘

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City of Beverly Board of Fire Commissioners

446 Broad Street Beverly, NJ 08010
Joseph Robinson, Fire Administrator/Clerk
Telephone: (609) 747-4091
Fax: (609) 387-3558
Email: jrobinson@beverlycityfire.com
Meetings: Third (3rd) Monday @7:00pm

Station 121:
Beverly Fire Company No. 1
440 Laurel Street
Beverly, NJ 08010
(609) 387-1478

Station 122:
Hope Hose Fire Co. No. 2
408 Broad Street
Beverly, NJ 08010
(609) 387-4878

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