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“Close The Door”

So if there’s a Fire out there and the person is in here, if this door is closed, it could get to 1,800 F degrees in the room where the fire is, but it will stay less than 100 F degrees in the room behind the fire if the door’s shut.Β 

Controlling the ember’s flow path is the goal as well as compartmentalizing the fire before flames rage throughout.

Is there any reason why we should not be doing this? We need to CLOSE THE DOOR and it needs to be coupled with working smoke detectors outside those doors.'”Β 

The simple act of CLOSING THE DOOR can save the lives and contents behind it.Β 

In almost an instant, memories can become ash. No baby pictures or no pictures of your sister, brother, no wedding photos.

It is about maintaining the safety of both firefighter and civilian.Β Fire is a terrible thing and if we can minimize it by doing something as simple as CLOSING THE DOOR, it just makes sense.”  

The photo below shows the importance of closing a door. Notice the fire scars on the outside of the door that did not penetrate into the room. Fire Picture Courtesy of Beverly City Fire Department.